Unturned Player Count – Steam charts & Stats in 2023

Unturned Player Count & steam charts
Unturned Player Count & steam charts

Unturned player count: Unturned is a free to play survival game available on steam in which you fight to survive a zombie apocalypse while scavenging for resources and potentially even fighting for resources with other players.

Unturned, developed by Nelson Sexton of Smartly Dressed Games, wasn’t intended to compete with top survival games upon its release. This free-to-play survival game features an in-game editor that allows players to create custom maps.

Initially launched in July 2017 for Linux, macOS, and Windows, Unturned expanded its reach in November 2020 when 505 Games published it, making it available on additional platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If you are also one of those people who want to know about Unturned player count, then you are at the right place. On SteamPlayerCount you will get to see Unturned average daily player count, peak count, unturned live player count as well as unturned steam charts.

Unturned Player Count stats and live steam charts:

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days48,643.0-834.2-1.69%60,684
October 202349,477.1-4,758.8-8.77%61,493
September 202354,235.9-4,201.1-7.19%63,176
August 202358,437.1-3,375.4-5.46%67,996
July 202361,812.5+6,275.2+11.30%71,195
June 202355,537.3-2,416.5-4.17%69,271
May 202357,953.8+3,040.4+5.54%66,720
April 202354,913.4+1,611.5+3.02%67,282
March 202353,301.9-7,885.8-12.89%67,724
February 202361,187.7-5,709.9-8.54%102,075
January 202366,897.5+12,615.4+23.24%112,648
December 202254,282.2+1,138.3+2.14%72,690
November 202253,143.8+579.9+1.10%64,494
October 202252,564.0+26,823.9+104.21%92,850
September 202225,740.1-4,762.3-15.61%61,694
August 202230,502.4-1,267.0-3.99%67,415
July 202231,769.4-1,087.5-3.31%60,660
June 202232,856.9+545.9+1.69%56,376
May 202232,311.0-1,788.1-5.24%51,601
April 202234,099.1+2,879.7+9.22%50,004
March 202231,219.4-1,198.5-3.70%46,292
February 202232,417.9-4,442.9-12.05%46,477
January 202236,860.9+3,678.4+11.09%55,031
December 202133,182.5+4,570.9+15.98%70,692
November 202128,611.5+4,080.2+16.63%60,269
October 202124,531.3-343.0-1.38%33,361
September 202124,874.4-259.9-1.03%33,682
August 202125,134.3+72.2+0.29%34,139
July 202125,062.1+1,198.1+5.02%36,802
June 202123,864.0+379.1+1.61%32,713
May 202123,484.9+1,533.4+6.99%33,759
April 202121,951.4-97.7-0.44%30,984
March 202122,049.1-1,506.8-6.40%29,638
February 202123,555.9+1,513.6+6.87%50,209
January 202122,042.3+2,856.7+14.89%30,006
December 202019,185.6-817.3-4.09%32,524
November 202020,002.9-2,258.7-10.15%33,403
October 202022,261.6+4,440.7+24.92%36,561
September 202017,821.0-1,901.4-9.64%29,380
August 202019,722.3+2,097.8+11.90%25,994
July 202017,624.5-4,440.5-20.12%27,512
June 202022,065.0+230.1+1.05%33,699
May 202021,834.9-6,897.0-24.00%35,923
April 202028,732.0+4,933.2+20.73%39,947
March 202023,798.7+4,045.7+20.48%42,396
February 202019,753.1+2,088.1+11.82%33,921
January 202017,665.0+569.3+3.33%34,544
December 201917,095.7-219.4-1.27%38,088
November 201917,315.2+1,641.6+10.47%31,714
October 201915,673.5+3,616.5+29.99%47,500
September 201912,057.1-1,504.7-11.09%18,809
August 201913,561.7-1,515.8-10.05%18,376
July 201915,077.5+2,984.8+24.68%23,751
June 201912,092.7+1,244.6+11.47%17,004
May 201910,848.1-387.9-3.45%17,703
April 201911,236.0-8.7-0.08%18,742
March 201911,244.8-5,107.8-31.24%18,997
February 201916,352.5-6,262.1-27.69%30,621
January 201922,614.7+4,451.9+24.51%33,900
December 201818,162.7+4,012.4+28.36%36,913
November 201814,150.3+2,568.0+22.17%24,199
October 201811,582.3-225.1-1.91%21,804
September 201811,807.4-2,773.7-19.02%20,381
August 201814,581.1-85.0-0.58%19,884
July 201814,666.0+747.3+5.37%20,387
June 201813,918.8+3,310.6+31.21%20,832
May 201810,608.2+29.5+0.28%18,483
April 201810,578.7-1,451.0-12.06%19,593
March 201812,029.7-1,523.5-11.24%23,439
February 201813,553.2-2,803.7-17.14%25,783
January 201816,356.8-488.1-2.90%30,976
December 201716,845.0+2,001.2+13.48%32,615
November 201714,843.8-150.2-1.00%32,111
October 201714,994.0-14.7-0.10%31,647
September 201715,008.8-5,873.7-28.13%29,124
August 201720,882.5-2,681.9-11.38%29,593
July 201723,564.3+4,984.8+26.83%38,020
June 201718,579.6+1,695.4+10.04%29,466
May 201716,884.2-1,400.5-7.66%30,764
April 201718,284.7+166.9+0.92%32,278
March 201718,117.8-4,033.5-18.21%36,179
February 201722,151.2+1,019.9+4.83%42,677
January 201721,131.3+864.6+4.27%37,434
December 201620,266.7-284.9-1.39%37,381
November 201620,551.6-2,298.5-10.06%42,720
October 201622,850.0-1,103.2-4.61%48,001
September 201623,953.3-10,254.6-29.98%50,338
August 201634,207.9+5,468.6+19.03%55,141
July 201628,739.3+4,588.3+19.00%39,683
June 201624,151.0+7,961.2+49.17%38,486
May 201616,189.7-760.8-4.49%32,941
April 201616,950.5-2,526.4-12.97%34,174
March 201619,476.9-1,517.0-7.23%39,345
February 201620,993.9+2,145.4+11.38%40,166
January 201618,848.5+1,587.4+9.20%42,322
December 201517,261.1+2,364.3+15.87%33,157
November 201514,896.8-3,599.8-19.46%29,720
October 201518,496.7+1,665.3+9.89%36,178
September 201516,831.3-3,141.6-15.73%35,834
August 201519,972.9+2,653.4+15.32%31,354
July 201517,319.5+5,156.4+42.39%27,275
June 201512,163.1+1,913.3+18.67%19,518
May 201510,249.8-38.6-0.37%19,261
April 201510,288.4+1,897.3+22.61%19,519
March 20158,391.1-1,018.6-10.83%18,889
February 20159,409.8+964.6+11.42%17,570
January 20158,445.2+5.8+0.07%18,529
December 20148,439.4+736.1+9.56%16,702
November 20147,703.3-1,207.7-13.55%16,744
October 20148,911.0-4,031.8-31.15%20,208
September 201412,942.8-16,417.6-55.92%28,228
August 201429,360.4-1,433.8-4.66%53,547
July 201430,794.2+30,789.9+711024.33%62,450
June 20144.3--20

How Many People Are Playing Unturned? Unturned player Count

Unturned is a very popular game for being a free-to-play game, the Unturned player count on Steam is 56,785, which is its average player count. Its peak count is 64,491.

The popularity of this game can be estimated from the fact that there hasn’t been much fluctuation in the number of gamers on the Unturned Steam charts, indicating the stability and popularity of the game.

The real time data of Unturned player count live displayed here is shown using Gohost Network Protocol technology.

Unturned player count Live

Here is the live status of Unturned player count 2023 on SteamPlayerCount. You can refresh the page to get latest status of Unturned Steam Player Count.

The number of active users of any popular game tends to fluctuate over time. Whenever a tournament is organized by the developers of the game, the number of active users increases very fast.

About Unturned Game

Release Date7 Jul, 2017
DEVELOPERSmartly Dressed Games
PublisherSmartly Dressed Games
TagsFree to Play, Survival, Zombies, Multiplayer
Unturned game Info

Unturned, developed and published by Canadian game designer Nelson Sexton under Smartly Dressed Games, is a survival game where players are equipped with supplies and weapons to survive against hordes of enemies and accomplish their objectives.

Unturned offers various game modes centered around surviving a zombie attack. The game includes a multiplayer option with different gameplay modes, such as roleplay, survival, paintball, creativity, and a battle royale-style arena match (exclusive to multiplayer mode).

In Unturned, the primary objective is to survive and there is a progress meter to track your game advancement. Players earn experience points (XP) as they progress, which can be used as currency to purchase accessories, upgrades, equipment, gear, cases, keys, armor, and various tools from the Steam Market.

By completing tasks in Unturned, players have the opportunity to earn cosmetic rewards such as weapon camos, clothing, character/avatar effects, and weapon skins. While searching for weapons, caution must be exercised to avoid being bitten or attacked by hordes of undead.

Contact with zombies or traversing dead zones and hazardous areas without adequate hazmat protection may result in radiation damage.

To survive in Unturned, players must effectively utilize all available accessories and weapons. A general rule of thumb is to manage essential aspects such as food and drink, health, and radiation levels in order to sustain the mission and ensure survival.

In Unturned, players are equipped with various useful items including firearm attachments, armor, and a range of health items. These tools are crucial for successfully completing the game and increasing the chances of survival.

Unturned has gained significant popularity since its release in 2017. As a free-to-play game, it has attracted a large player base due to its accessible nature and engaging survival gameplay. The game has received positive reviews from players and has amassed millions of downloads on platforms like Steam.

The popularity of Unturned can also be observed through its active community and modding scene. Players have created and shared a wide variety of custom maps, mods, and game modes, contributing to the game’s longevity and replayability.

While specific player count data may not be available, Unturned continues to be enjoyed by a dedicated fanbase and has achieved a substantial level of recognition in the survival game genre.

How To Play Unturned

To play the Unturned game, follow these steps:

Download and install Unturned from the official website or via the Steam platform.

Launch the game by double-clicking on the Unturned icon.

After launching the game, you will get the option of Click on “Play” to start a new game or Continue Saved Game.

When selecting a game mode in Unturned, you have the option to choose Singleplayer, multiplayer or editor mode.

In Multiplayer, you can join servers and play with other players online. The Editor allows you to create and customize your own maps.

Customize your character by selecting their appearance, clothing, and accessories.

Once you enter the game world of Unturned, Use the WASD keys to move your character and the mouse to look around.

Interact with objects and NPCs by approaching them and pressing the appropriate key. You can loot buildings for supplies, talk to NPCs for quests or trade, and find weapons and equipment to defend yourself.

Manage your inventory by opening it with the Tab key. You can equip weapons, clothing, and accessories, as well as store items in your backpack or storage containers.

Survive by monitoring your health, hunger, thirst, and other vital stats. Eat food, drink water, and find medical supplies to keep yourself healthy.

Combat zombies and other hostile creatures by equipping weapons and engaging in combat. Aim and shoot using the mouse, and use melee weapons for close-range encounters.

Complete quests, explore the game world, and interact with other players if you’re in multiplayer mode. Work together to survive, trade items, or engage in player-versus-player combat.

Save your progress regularly by finding and using beds or other designated save points.

Continually gather resources, craft items, and upgrade your equipment to improve your chances of survival.

Remember, Unturned offers a dynamic and challenging survival experience, so be prepared to adapt, strategize, and make decisions that will help you endure in the game world.

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Faqs about unturned:

What is Unturned?

Unturned is a free-to-play survival game where players navigate a zombie apocalypse, scavenge for resources, and battle both zombies and other players to survive.

Who developed Unturned?

Unturned was developed by Nelson Sexton, a video game designer.

When was Unturned first released?

Unturned was initially released in July 2014 as an early access title.

On which platforms is Unturned available?

Unturned is available on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Can I create my own maps in Unturned?

Yes, Unturned provides an in-game editor that allows players to create custom maps.

Is Unturned a multiplayer game?

Yes, Unturned offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing players to team up with friends or compete against others.

Is Unturned a free-to-play game?

Yes, Unturned is free to play, with optional in-game purchases available.

What is the objective of Unturned?

The main objective of Unturned is to survive in a post-apocalyptic world by gathering resources, crafting items, and defending against zombies and other threats.

Is there a modding community for Unturned?

Yes, Unturned has an active modding community, allowing players to create and share custom maps, mods, and game modes.

Does Unturned have different difficulty levels?

Yes, Unturned offers different difficulty levels and game modes to cater to various playstyles, including both casual and hardcore experiences.

Is Unturned cross-platform between PC and Xbox?

No, currently Unturned is not cross-platform between PC and Xbox.

Is Unturned cross-platform between ps4 and xbox?

No, Unturned is not cross-platform between PS4 and Xbox.



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