Destiny 2 Steam Charts & Steam Player Count 2024

destiny 2 steam charts and steam player count
destiny 2 steam charts and steam player count
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Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie. It is a free to play multiplayer game whose popularity is continuously increasing. With a captivating storyline and stunning graphics, this game invites you to embark on thrilling adventures across various planets, where you can create your own unique character, immerse yourself in exciting narratives, and enjoy countless hours of fun teaming up with your friends.

In this article, we’ll explore the Destiny 2 steam charts, current player count 2024 and destiny 2 active player count. Let’s delve into the statistics that underscore foxhole ascent to prominence on the Steam platform.

Destiny 2 Steam Charts in 2024:

Steam charts statistics show the ups and downs in the popularity of the Destiny 2 game and the number of players in the game. The number of players count of Destiny 2 game has remained consistent since its release on Steam which tells the story of the success of this game. Below, you’ll find the statistics that have been tracked to date since Destiny 2’s release on Steam Charts.

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days40,347.0+867.7+2.20%68,785
March 202439,479.3+6,912.3+21.22%74,473
February 202432,567.0-6,444.8-16.52%46,511
January 202439,011.8-10,439.4-21.11%58,769
December 202349,451.2+15,964.8+47.68%103,607
November 202333,486.4-8,654.0-20.54%94,423
October 202342,140.4-16,822.8-28.53%68,148
September 202358,963.2+10,139.8+20.77%145,390
August 202348,823.3+1,421.3+3.00%126,261
July 202347,402.0-15,208.2-24.29%87,620
June 202362,610.3-16,022.9-20.38%120,394
May 202378,633.2-9,022.7-10.29%192,081
April 202387,655.9-47,446.4-35.12%142,128
March 2023135,102.3+62,964.8+87.28%312,925
February 202372,137.4+8,457.6+13.28%316,651
January 202363,679.8+1,541.7+2.48%96,428
December 202262,138.1+23,979.2+62.84%121,413
November 202238,158.9-21,532.2-36.07%60,854
October 202259,691.1-28,933.8-32.65%102,690
September 202288,624.9+20,076.1+29.29%149,576
August 202268,548.8+13,581.7+24.71%193,209
July 202254,967.1-15,274.2-21.75%103,075
June 202270,241.3+3,280.0+4.90%126,948
May 202266,961.4+8,527.7+14.59%178,829
April 202258,433.7-30,172.2-34.05%88,326
March 202288,605.9+13,436.3+17.87%229,002
February 202275,169.6+21,519.5+40.11%289,895
January 202253,650.1-8,118.4-13.14%78,752
December 202161,768.4+17,527.5+39.62%154,358
November 202144,240.9-22,373.6-33.59%76,188
October 202166,614.6-23,230.6-25.86%127,770
September 202189,845.2+32,606.7+56.97%147,513
August 202157,238.5+4,959.3+9.49%177,734
July 202152,279.3-4,610.5-8.10%116,526
June 202156,889.7-13,248.0-18.89%108,306
May 202170,137.8+24,508.6+53.71%187,504
April 202145,629.2-7,721.4-14.47%95,209
March 202153,350.6-6,043.4-10.18%87,476
February 202159,394.1+14,529.1+32.38%131,640
January 202144,864.9-22,135.8-33.04%79,290
December 202067,000.7-32,899.3-32.93%139,723
November 202099,900.0+49,090.6+96.62%241,843
October 202050,809.4-2,503.0-4.69%93,741
September 202053,312.4-10,951.3-17.04%97,247
August 202064,263.7-4,176.0-6.10%122,520
July 202068,439.8-9,110.5-11.75%122,236
June 202077,550.2+25,712.8+49.60%213,681
May 202051,837.4-14,382.2-21.72%76,476
April 202066,219.6-11,351.8-14.63%100,645
March 202077,571.4+14,522.8+23.03%117,425
February 202063,048.6-2,906.5-4.41%93,065
January 202065,955.1-26,215.9-28.44%108,724
December 201992,171.0-15,784.8-14.62%138,593
November 2019107,955.8-57,352.1-34.69%195,407
October 2019165,307.8292,314

Destiny 2 Live Player count in 2024:

134073 Player are Currently active on Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Player Count:

Since the release of Destiny 2, the game’s popularity has consistently remained at its zenith. This is evidenced by the fact that in 2023, the game boasts a registered player count approaching 30 million.

The game was launched on Steam on October 1, 2019. After launching on Steam, the game’s player count continued to increase, and in February 2023, the game set its record for highest player count, at 316,651 players.

If we talk about the active player count of destiny 2, then it remains live around 35,000 to 40,000, whereas the destiny 2 daily player count is around 120,000 to 150,000.

In March 2023, Destiny 2 player count achieved a new milestone by surpassing its previous record, with a remarkable 135,138 concurrent players.

Here are some brief statistics about Destiny 2’s player count.

  1. Destiny 2 Current Concurrent Players:

As of the latest available data, approximately 134073 players are concurrently playing Destiny . This number represents the players actively in the game at that specific time.

  1. Destiny 2 Daily Player Count:

On a daily basis, Destiny 2 attracts a player base of an estimated 15% of its total registered players, which amounts to a substantial number of individuals. However, the exact number is not provided in the data.

  1. Destiny 2 Player Count in 2024

In 2024, Destiny 2 has seen significant player engagement, with approximately 30 million players across all supported devices. This indicates the enduring popularity of the game, even years after its initial release.

  1. Total Registered Players in 2024:

It is estimated that Destiny 2 boasts a remarkable total of over 30,000,000 registered players in 2024. Additionally, 15% of this substantial number are actively playing the game on a daily basis, highlighting the game’s continued appeal and active player base.

Destiny 2 Official Video:

Destiny 2 Game Detail:

GameDestiny 2
Release Date6 September 2017
RELEASE DATE (Steam)1 Oct, 2019
ModeMultiplayer video game
GENREAction, Adventure, Massively multiplayer online game, First-person shooter
TagsFree to Play, Open World, FPS, Looter Shooter
Available PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
PriceFree to Play
Destiny 2 Game Detail

About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a monumental achievement in the world of gaming. Developed by Bungie, the game offers an immersing and ever- evolving experience that seamlessly combines the rudiments of a first- person shooter with the depth of a part- playing game. Set in a legendary wisdom fabrication world, it’s a trip that has charmed millions of players worldwide.

At its core, Destiny 2 invites players to come Guardians, important protectors of the last megacity on Earth. The game is a visual masterpiece, with stirring plates and a strictly drafted macrocosm filled with deep lore, memorable characters, and grand adventures. It’s not just a game; it’s an immersive experience.

One of Destiny 2’s utmost defining features is its multiplayer participated terrain. It’s a place where players can team up with musketeers, face grueling raids, explore different globes, and engage in thrilling player-versus-player battles. The collaborative gameplay and dynamic relations with other players produce a sense of community that is truly special.

But let’s talk figures. Destiny 2 boasts a thriving player base, with millions of Guardians embarking on their own unique peregrinations. Its live- service model, coupled with regular content updates and expansions, ensures that there is always commodity new to experience. Whether it’s a gripping plot, instigative conditioning, or important gear to collect, Destiny 2 constantly offers fresh content to keep players engaged.

Destiny 2’s fashionability and success speak for themselves. It has set records and  mileposts in the gaming world, and its vibrant community is a testament to its enduring appeal. Whether you are exploring the game’s rich lore,  sharing in competitive modes, or challenging yourself with raids, Destiny 2 offers an experience that keeps players coming back for  further.

In a nutshell, Destiny 2 is not just a game; it’s a  macrocosm of endless possibilities. Its dynamic gameplay, immersive  liar, and the strong bonds formed with fellow Guardians make it an indelible experience that continues to leave its mark on the gaming world. Destiny 2 is  further than a game; it’s a  trip, a community, and an adventure that is  staying for you to explore.

FAQs About Destiny 2:

How many people are playing destiny 2?

Currently 134073 players Are Playing destiny 2.

Is Destiny 2 still popular in 2024?

Certainly! In 2024, Destiny 2 remains a shining star among FPS games, drawing in a mix of fresh faces and seasoned players with its ever-evolving universe and captivating gameplay.

Where to check Destiny 2 player count?

Visit Steam player count for Destiny 2 concurrent player count live.

Is Destiny 2 Free to Play?

Indeed, Destiny 2 offers a free-to-play experience. Yet, within the game, there are aspects that may involve real-world investments, offering premium features and in-game purchases that can elevate and enrich your gaming journey.

Is Destiny 2 available on Steam?

Yes, Destiny 2 is available on Steam.

Is Destiny 2 dead?

Absolutely not! Destiny 2 is as robust as ever, thriving nearly a decade after its first launch and achieving a peak of 135,138 concurrent players in a single day. The game is continually advancing and getting better.

When was Destiny 2 released?

Destiny 2 was released on September 6, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on October 24, 2017, for Microsoft Windows.


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