Vermintide 2 player count and Steam charts 2024

Vermintide 2 player count and Steam charts
Vermintide 2 player count and Steam charts

Vermintide 2 player count: Another very popular game in the gaming world is Vermintide 2. Vermintide 2 is a first-person action game developed by Fatshark. Which was released on March 2018.

This game has been very popular among gamers since its release. The popularity of this game can be gauged by looking at its Steam charts.

Vermintide 2 is a cross platform game which is one of the important reasons behind its popularity. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms. In this article we are going to give information about Vermintide 2 player count and steam chart.

Vermintide 2 player count and Steam charts

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days2,549.1-63.0-2.41%5,666
March 20242,612.2+430.2+19.71%5,666
February 20242,182.0-688.6-23.99%3,985
January 20242,870.6-268.1-8.54%5,321
December 20233,138.7-570.3-15.38%5,763
November 20233,709.0-250.1-6.32%8,336
October 20233,959.1+1,637.9+70.56%10,546
September 20232,321.2+192.2+9.03%4,365
August 20232,129.0-808.6-27.53%3,882
July 20232,937.6-727.7-19.85%4,988
June 20233,665.3+398.7+12.21%7,013
May 20233,266.6-443.8-11.96%7,219
April 20233,710.4-529.7-12.49%7,525
March 20234,240.1+272.6+6.87%8,533
February 20233,967.5-1,820.1-31.45%7,933
January 20235,787.7-2,355.6-28.93%10,280
December 20228,143.3-18,787.4-69.76%18,656
November 202226,930.7+23,337.4+649.48%104,134
October 20223,593.3+1,100.4+44.14%6,460
September 20222,492.8-158.0-5.96%4,432
August 20222,650.8-791.3-22.99%4,690
July 20223,442.2-622.0-15.30%5,834
June 20224,064.1+1,368.0+50.74%8,196
May 20222,696.2-404.7-13.05%5,214
April 20223,100.8-533.0-14.67%5,719
March 20223,633.8+292.3+8.75%8,279
February 20223,341.5-1,483.3-30.74%6,380
January 20224,824.8-363.6-7.01%9,192
December 20215,188.4+1,566.5+43.25%10,814
November 20213,621.9+611.6+20.32%8,032
October 20213,010.3+81.2+2.77%9,487
September 20212,929.2-458.7-13.54%5,509
August 20213,387.8-1,486.3-30.49%6,334
July 20214,874.1-2,281.0-31.88%8,659
June 20217,155.0-1,179.1-14.15%16,581
May 20218,334.1+761.6+10.06%21,820
April 20217,572.5+3,055.3+67.64%29,867
March 20214,517.3+654.5+16.94%9,570
February 20213,862.8-1,242.4-24.34%6,964
January 20215,105.2+1,411.4+38.21%9,314
December 20203,693.8-994.2-21.21%7,708
November 20204,687.9+1,812.8+63.05%10,854
October 20202,875.2-419.2-12.72%10,316
September 20203,294.3+59.5+1.84%6,463
August 20203,234.8-1,078.9-25.01%5,965
July 20204,313.7+865.5+25.10%7,348
June 20203,448.3+106.8+3.20%7,819
May 20203,341.5-706.0-17.44%7,950
April 20204,047.4+721.8+21.70%8,146
March 20203,325.6+262.8+8.58%8,490
February 20203,062.8+63.7+2.13%5,664
January 20202,999.1+293.4+10.85%7,101
December 20192,705.6+22.7+0.85%5,900
November 20192,682.9+730.8+37.44%9,198
October 20191,952.1-771.7-28.33%4,546
September 20192,723.8-3,472.4-56.04%6,132
August 20196,196.2+3,807.0+159.34%14,754
July 20192,389.2-723.0-23.23%4,574
June 20193,112.2+554.7+21.69%5,236
May 20192,557.4+160.6+6.70%6,423
April 20192,396.9-2,144.5-47.22%4,622
March 20194,541.3+442.4+10.79%14,117
February 20194,098.9+206.4+5.30%8,952
January 20193,892.4+27.3+0.71%8,358
December 20183,865.1+481.5+14.23%8,668
November 20183,383.6+683.5+25.31%7,067
October 20182,700.2-1,626.1-37.59%5,835
September 20184,326.3+1,652.6+61.81%17,012
August 20182,673.7-1,995.4-42.74%13,490
July 20184,669.1-1,392.9-22.98%11,511
June 20186,061.9+1,061.9+21.24%13,459
May 20185,000.1-7,611.8-60.35%11,195
April 201812,611.9-18,010.8-58.82%28,558
March 201830,622.8+30,543.0+38306.00%73,203
February 201879.7+78.7+7358.30%12,900
January 20181.1+0.6+127.37%16
December 20170.5-0.6-54.44%4
November 20171.0-0.0-2.20%13
October 20171.1-0.0-1.21%18
September 20171.1--21

How Many People Are Playing Vermintide 2? Steam player Count

The Vermintide 2 game has a daily average player count of around 3500 to 4500 while the Vermintide 2 steam charts are around 7000-8000 at peak times.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s free-to-play event was launched on November 2022, when the game touched its all-time peak which was close to 104,134.

The real time data of Vermintide 2 player count live displayed here is shown using Gohost Network Protocol technology.

Current Vermintide 2 player count

Here is the live status of Vermintide 2 player count 2023 on SteamPlayerCount. You can refresh the page to get latest status of Vermintide 2 Steam Player Count.

The number of active users of any popular game tends to fluctuate over time. Whenever a tournament is organized by the developers of the game, the number of active users increases very fast.

About Vermintide 2

Vermintide 2
GameVermintide 2
Release DateMarch 2018
TagsCo-op, First-Person, Dark Fantasy, Violent, PvE
Vermintide 2 game Info

Vermintide 2, the gripping cooperative first-person action game developed by Fatshark, has garnered widespread acclaim for its immersive gameplay, challenging combat, and richly detailed world. Since its release in March 2018, Vermintide 2 has amassed a robust and ever-growing player count. In this article, you will learn about all the aspects related to Vermintide 2 player count.

A Growing Player Base:

Vermintide 2 has enjoyed remarkable success, continuously attracting new players since its launch. Building upon the solid foundation established by its predecessor, Vermintide, the sequel offers a refined and enhanced gaming experience.

With its cooperative gameplay mechanics and engrossing narrative set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Vermintide 2 has enticed a diverse range of players seeking intense cooperative action and a sense of camaraderie.

The Power of Cooperation:

The heart of Vermintide 2 lies in its cooperative gameplay, where teamwork and communication are paramount. Players form teams of four to face relentless hordes of enemies, battling their way through perilous missions.

The intense cooperative experience, combined with the game’s emphasis on teamwork, communication, and strategic play, has resonated with players seeking exhilarating challenges and shared victories.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

One of the key factors driving the Vermintide 2 player count is the game’s cross-platform play support. Players on different platforms like PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 can join team and play together easily. This cross-platform functionality has significantly expanded the potential player base, fostering a vibrant and diverse community.

Continuous Content Updates:

Fatshark’s commitment to providing regular updates and content releases has been instrumental in maintaining and growing the Vermintide 2 community. The developers actively listen to player feedback and introduce new maps, weapons, cosmetics and playable characters ensuring that the game remains fresh and exciting. These updates serve as a testament to Fatshark’s dedication to enriching the gaming experience and fueling player enthusiasm.

Community Engagement and Support:

The Vermintide 2 community is known for its vibrant and passionate player base. Fatshark actively engages with the community, encouraging discussions, addressing concerns, and incorporating player feedback. The developers’ transparent and responsive approach fosters a sense of trust and mutual respect, solidifying the bond between the players and the development team. This level of community support reinforces the game’s longevity and encourages players to continue their cooperative endeavors.

Competitive Challenges and Events:

To further invigorate the Vermintide 2 player count, Fatshark organizes competitive challenges and events that offer exclusive rewards and prizes. These events bring together both veteran players and newcomers providing an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against one another. The allure of these challenges fosters a sense of friendly competition within the community and encourages players to immerse themselves in the game’s richly crafted world.

Faqs About Vermintide 2?

What is Vermintide 2?

Vermintide 2 is a cooperative first-person action game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Players form teams of four and engage in intense combat against hordes of enemies, completing missions and battling powerful bosses.

What platforms is Vermintide 2 available on?

Vermintide 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Players can choose their preferred platform to experience the game’s cooperative gameplay.

Can you play vermintide 2 solo?

Yes, Vermintide 2 can be played solo. While the game is primarily designed as a cooperative experience, players have the option to play solo with AI-controlled teammates. This allows individuals to enjoy the game’s challenging missions and intense combat even if they prefer to play alone.

How many playable characters are there in Vermintide 2?

Vermintide 2 features five playable characters, each with their unique playstyle, weapons, and abilities. These characters include the Witch Hunter, Waystalker, Empire Soldier, Dwarf Ranger, and Bright Wizard.

Is Vermintide 2 support cross-platform play?

Cross-platform play is supported in Vermintide 2 between Xbox One and PC players. PlayStation 4 players have their own separate player base and do not have cross-platform compatibility.

Is vermintide 2 split screen?

No, Vermintide 2 does not support split-screen gameplay. The game is designed for online cooperative play with other players, whether it’s through matchmaking or playing with friends online. However, players can still enjoy Vermintide 2 on the same screen by utilizing multiple controllers on a single gaming platform, each controlling a separate character.


Vermintide 2 continues to thrive as a cooperative gaming experience, attracting a growing player count and fostering an engaged and passionate community. Through its cooperative gameplay mechanics, cross-platform compatibility, regular content updates, community engagement and competitive events.

Vermintide 2 has cemented its position as a beloved title within the gaming landscape. As players join forces to battle the hordes of enemies and overcome challenging missions, Vermintide 2 continues to captivate and inspire a diverse audience of gamers.


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