Street Fighter 6 player count and Steam Charts in 2024: SF6 Player Count

street fighter 6 player count
street fighter 6 player count

Street Fighter 6 player count: After the release of Street Fighter 6 on June 2, 2023, there is a lot of craze among gamers about this game.

The much-awaited game Street Fighter 6 is a fighting game developed and published by Capcom which is the seventh installment of the series.

The game Street Fighter 6 is completely crossplay between the platforms and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S platforms with three different modes including World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub.

In this article, we will know about Street Fighter 6 player count and steam chart. A game that has swiftly broken numerous records upon its release, highlighting the immense popularity it has achieved in the gaming world.

If you are also curious and want to know how many people are playing Street Fighter 6 then let’s start.

Street Fighter 6 player count (SF6 Player Count)

Street Fighter 6 has just released on 2nd June which is the seventh installment of this franchise.

The player count of any game is at its highest peak on its release. This is something similar in the case of Street Fighter 6 as well.

The player base of Street Fighter games is huge and Street Fighter 6 steam charts reflect the same.

Street Fighter 6 has an average player count of 37,271 and a highest peak player count ever is 70,540. Which shows the player base of this game.

The real-time data of Street Fighter 6 player count live displayed here is shown using Gohost Network Protocol technology.

Current Street Fighter 6 Live player count

Here is the live status of Street Fighter 6 player count 2024 on SteamPlayerCount. You can refresh the page to get the latest status of Street Fighter 6 Steam Player Count.

The number of active users of any popular game tends to fluctuate over time. Whenever a tournament is organized by the developers of the game, the number of active users increases very fast.

Street Fighter 6 Steam Charts

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days12,929.2-674.8-4.96%27,590
March 202413,604.0+1,773.8+14.99%30,969
February 202411,830.3+238.7+2.06%45,965
January 202411,591.6-1,034.7-8.19%23,507
December 202312,626.2+1,492.3+13.40%32,098
November 202311,134.0-300.7-2.63%27,302
October 202311,434.6-1,754.9-13.31%23,918
September 202313,189.6-1,119.0-7.82%36,263
August 202314,308.6-7,169.9-33.38%26,201
July 202321,478.5-12,670.8-37.10%39,834
June 202334,149.370,540
street fighter 6 steem charts
street fighter 6 steem charts

About Street Fighter 6

street fighter 6
GameStreet Fighter 6
Release Date2 june 2023
PublisherCAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Available PlatformsPlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S
Tags2D Fighter, Action, Adventure, Arcade, Fighting
Street Fighter 6 game Info

Street Fighter 6, the latest installment in the iconic fighting game franchise, has taken the gaming world by storm with its intense battles, diverse roster, and engaging gameplay mechanics. One of the key aspects that define the success and longevity of a fighting game is its player count.

Powered by Capcom’s cutting-edge RE ENGINE, Street Fighter 6 offers a captivating experience across three distinct game modes: World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub. Each mode provides unique opportunities for players to engage in thrilling battles and showcase their skills.

With an impressive roster of 18 fighters, players can embody legendary masters such as Ryu and Chun-Li, as well as embrace new fan favorites like Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, and more. Each character boasts stunning new redesigns and delivers breathtaking cinematic specials, further elevating the intensity of the fights.

Street Fighter 6 is primed to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers, promising a fighting game experience that pushes boundaries and delivers unforgettable moments. Get ready to step into the ring and unleash your fighting prowess when Street Fighter 6 arrives on the scene.

Street Fighter 6 introduces a sophisticated combat system that has evolved to provide players with three distinct control types: Classic, Modern, and Dynamic. This versatility allows you to seamlessly adapt the gameplay to your skill level, ensuring an engaging experience for both newcomers and seasoned fighters.

One exciting addition to Street Fighter 6 is the Real Time Commentary Feature, which immerses you in the thrill of a competitive match. It provides dynamic commentary and clear explanations about your gameplay, enhancing your understanding of the mechanics and adding an extra layer of excitement to each encounter.

Managing your resources becomes a strategic aspect of the game with the introduction of the Drive Gauge. This new system requires careful decision-making as you allocate your resources to gain an advantage over your opponents. Wise and strategic utilization of the Drive Gauge will be essential to secure victory in intense battles.

Street Fighter 6’s innovative combat system, combined with the Real-Time Commentary Feature and the strategic depth offered by the Drive Gauge, ensures a thrilling and immersive fighting experience. Whether you prefer the traditional approach or seek new dynamics, Street Fighter 6 caters to your playstyle, allowing you to fully unleash your skills on the path to triumph.

Faqs About Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 release date?

Street Fighter 6 game was released on 2 June 2023.

On which platforms is Street Fighter available?

Street Fighter 6 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

How many fighters are there in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 features 18 fighters, including both iconic characters from previous installments and new fan favorites.

What are the different game modes in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 offers three distinct game modes: World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub. Each mode provides unique experiences and opportunities for players to engage in battles, explore environments, and showcase their skills.

Can I play Street Fighter 6 solo?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 can be played solo. It offers various single-player modes and challenges to test your skills and provide an engaging experience even when playing alone.

Does Street Fighter 6 support online multiplayer?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 have the feature online multiplayer, allowing players to compete against others from around the world in intense battles and test their skills against a global player base.

Is Street Fighter 6 have cross-platform play?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 is completely crossplay between the platforms it is released on. 

Is Street Fighter 6 Free To Play?

Capcom announced the release of a free playable demo for PS5 and PS4 ahead of Street Fighter 6’s launch on June 2nd, 2023.

The real-time data of Street Fighter 6 player count displayed here is displayed using GoHost network protocol technology while the Street Fighter 6 steam chart data is updated regularly.


Street Fighter 6 is poised to make a monumental impact on the fighting game genre. With its captivating gameplay, diverse roster, and innovative features, it promises an unforgettable experience for both longtime fans and newcomers.

Prepare to step into the ring, embrace the evolution of combat, and experience the thrill of Street Fighter 6 when it arrives on the scene. Get ready to unleash your fighting prowess and leave your mark in the legendary franchise.


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