Battlefield 1 Player Count: Discover the Steam Charts and Current Active Player Base

Battlefield 1 Player Count Steam Charts and Current Active Player Base
Battlefield 1 Player Count Steam Charts and Current Active Player Base

Battlefield One Player Counter:

Battlefield 1 Live PlayerPlayer Count
Online Players
Last Month Peak14,180
All Time Peak53,107
Battlefield One Player Counter chart

Battlefield One, developed by Dice, is a largely acclaimed first- person shooter that takes players back to the tumultuous period of World War I. Released in 2016, the game garnered immense praise for its immersive gameplay, stunning illustrations, and faithful definition of literal battles.

With a focus on authentic artillery, vehicles, and different war theaters, Battlefield One offers violent multiplayer battles and a absorbing single- player crusade. It continues to allure players with its immersive experience, earning its place as a cherished entry in the Battlefield franchise.

In today’s article, you are going to get complete information about average player count, peak player count and Concurrent Player Count of Battlefield 1. Let us know how many people are playing Battlefield 1 all over the world right now.

Battlefield 1 Steam Chart & Concurrent Player Count

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days6,894.5+266.3+4.02%21,162
October 20236,628.2+1,741.9+35.65%21,162
September 20234,886.4-1,567.6-24.29%12,870
August 20236,453.9-427.2-6.21%13,906
July 20236,881.1+739.8+12.05%14,066
June 20236,141.3+153.8+2.57%14,136
May 20235,987.4-810.9-11.93%14,991
April 20236,798.4+806.8+13.46%16,949
March 20235,991.6-1,541.0-20.46%16,025
February 20237,532.6-2,800.1-27.10%18,023
January 202310,332.7-3,201.4-23.65%25,423
December 202213,534.1-3,462.1-20.37%33,824
November 202216,996.2+12,473.6+275.80%53,107
October 20224,522.7-385.7-7.86%13,269
September 20224,908.4-45.2-0.91%15,486
August 20224,953.5-24.0-0.48%11,279
July 20224,977.5+1,068.1+27.32%11,435
June 20223,909.4-322.4-7.62%8,784
May 20224,231.8+166.7+4.10%10,408
April 20224,065.1-254.6-5.89%10,637
March 20224,319.6-1,057.5-19.67%11,460
February 20225,377.1+774.1+16.82%12,255
January 20224,603.0+984.1+27.19%10,947
December 20213,618.9-809.2-18.27%9,988
November 20214,428.1-4,119.7-48.20%11,970
October 20218,547.8+3,481.9+68.73%25,860
September 20215,066.0-7,434.0-59.47%14,949
August 202112,500.0+2,262.6+22.10%40,730
July 202110,237.4+4,597.6+81.52%43,290
June 20215,639.8+3,130.3+124.74%14,829
May 20212,509.5-887.5-26.13%7,158
April 20213,397.0+406.9+13.61%11,062
March 20212,990.1-2,277.9-43.24%8,664
February 20215,267.9+2,526.5+92.16%13,941
January 20212,741.4+591.0+27.48%6,859
December 20202,150.4+1,052.2+95.80%7,185
November 20201,098.3-150.2-12.03%6,755
October 20201,248.4+586.1+88.48%3,626
September 2020662.4-252.2-27.58%1,586
August 2020914.6+384.7+72.59%3,496
July 2020529.9-340.6-39.12%1,215
June 2020870.5--1,646

Battlefield 1 Player Count 2023 – How Many People Are Playing Battlefield One

On 3 December 2023 Battlefield 1 player count reached its peak on Steam, with a total of 11,517 players. While the average player count remained between 5000-6500.

The all-time peak player count for Battlefield One was achieved in November 2022, with a staggering player count of 53,107. This milestone highlights the immense popularity of the game during that period, as a large number of players engaged in its intense battles and immersive gameplay.

Battlefield One Details

GameBattlefield 1
Release Date21 October 2016
PublisherElectronic Arts
TagsFPS Multiplayer World War I War Shooter
Available PlatformsPC, PS5 / PS4, Xbox One
Price$39.99 as on Steam

Battlefield 1 Official Trailer

Battlefield 1 Official Trailer

About Battlefield 1

Battlefield One, developed by Dice, is a game that left an unforgettable mark on the first- person shooter genre. Released in 2016, it ventured into the uncharted territory of World War I, witching gamers with its immersive gameplay, stunning illustrations, and historically inspired battles. In this composition, we claw into the immersive world of Battlefield 1 and exfoliate light on its enduring fashionability, particularly fastening on its player count.

Unleashing the Frenzy of World War I:

As gamers delved into Battlefield 1, they were instantly transported to the tumultuous battlefields of World War I. The game’s attention to detail and realistic depiction of historical events offered players an unparalleled experience. From the trenches of the Western Front to the deserts of the Middle East, Battlefield One truly immersed players in the chaos and intensity of war.

A Resounding Success:

Battlefield 1’s launch was met with resounding success, quickly becoming a fan-favorite within the gaming community. With over 15 million copies sold to date, the game proved its mass appeal and enduring popularity. Players were drawn to its innovative gameplay, stunning visuals, and the opportunity to engage in large-scale battles with other enthusiasts.

Capturing the Essence of World War I:

One of the name features of Battlefield One was its capability to genuinely pretend the wild pace of combat during World War I. Dice’s meticulous attention to historical accuracy allowed players to experience the challenges faced by soldiers on the front lines. From the use of authentic weaponry to the inclusion of various iconic locations and battles, Battlefield One successfully transported players back in time.

Thriving Multiplayer Community:

While player counts have naturally fluctuated since the game’s initial release, Battlefield 1 continues to maintain a thriving multiplayer community. Despite the passage of time, players continue to engage in exhilarating battles, forming squads and strategizing with teammates. The robust player count ensures that there is always a healthy playerbase, allowing gamers to jump into matches and enjoy the multiplayer experience.

The Importance of Player Count:

The player count in Battlefield 1 directly influences the overall gameplay experience. A strong player count ensures that matches are dynamic and engaging, with a diverse range of opponents and teammatesIt fosters a sense of community and fellowship among players, making each battle an instigative and immersive affair.

How to Download Battlefield 1 on PC

How to Download Battlefield 1 on PC

Total Time: 2 minutes

Visit the official website.

Visit the official website or a trusted digital distribution platform that offers Battlefield 1 for PC, similar as Origin or Steam.

Create an Account.

Make an account on the website or log in to your being account.

Search for Battlefield 1.

Search for” Battlefield 1″ using the search bar or browse through the game library until you find the Battlefield One game page.

Select the edition of Battlefield 1.

Select the edition of Battlefield 1 that you want to buy( standard edition, luxe edition,etc.) and add it to your cart.

Checkout and complete the payment process.

Do to the checkout and complete the payment process. give the necessary payment information and confirm the purchase.

Go to My Game Library.

Click on the “My Game Library” or “Library” tab in the left sidebar.

Now Download & Install Battlefield 1.

Click on the “Download” or “Install” button to start the download process.

Enjoy your Game.

Once the download is complete, the launcher or platform will automatically install the game.

Battlefield 1 system requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating systemRequires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 1064-bit Windows 10 or later
Processor:Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350 Processor (Intel): Intel Core i5 6600KProcessor (AMD): AMD FX 8350 Wraith Processor (Intel): Intel Core i7 4790 or equivalent
Memory:8 GB RAM16 GB RAM
Graphics:Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 2GB Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 660 2GBGraphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon™ RX 480 4GB Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1060 3GB
DirectX: Version 11Version 11
Network:Broadband Internet connectionBroadband Internet connection
Storage:50 GB available space50 GB available space
Battlefield 1 system requirements

Faqs About Battlefield 1:

What is Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Dice.

Which platforms is Battlefield 1 available on?

Battlefield 1 is available on multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and is backward compatible with Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

Is Battlefield 1 Cross Platform?

Battlefield 1 does not support crossplay functionality. This means that players on different platforms, such as PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, cannot play together in the same multiplayer matches.

Battlefield 1 release date.

21 October 2016.


Battlefield 1 stands as a testament to the enduring fashionability of the first- person shooter genre. Its return to the World War I era captivated gamers, and its impressive player count demonstrates the ongoing appeal and longevity of the game. With its realistic portrayal of historical events and commitment to delivering thrilling multiplayer action, Battlefield One continues to be a beloved title among players worldwide.



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