Fortnite player count 2024- How many people play Fortnite

Fortnite player count 2023- How many people play Fortnite (Live Stats & Tracker)

Fortnite is a largely popular online multiplayer game known for its fast- paced gameplay and unique combination of erecting mechanics and battle royale rudiments.

Fortnite was released in 2017, it snappily gained a massive following and continues to attract millions of players worldwide. The player count for Fortnite has reached staggering numbers, with peak concurrent player counts frequently surpassing millions during major events and tournaments.

Its vibrant graphics, constant updates, and cross-platform availability contribute to its widespread appeal and enduring popularity.

In today’s article, you will get complete information about Fortnite player count, peak player count, Live Player Count and Steam charts of Fortnite. Let us know how many people play Fortnite all over the world right now.

How many people play Fortnite –

The popular battle royale game Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, continues to attract massive players indeed times after its release. The popularity of this game can be gauged from its player count. Fortnite player count is 3,973,310 which is its average player count, while fortnite peak player count is around 15,946,620.

If we talk about the highest monthly average player count of Fortnite, it reached an amazing 292,866,255 players on August 30, 2020. Additionally, the game achieved its highest peak player count of Fortnite on May 30, 2021, with 35,011,479 players actively participating.

Fortnite live player count

Here is the Fortnite live player counter 20243 on SteamPlayerCount. You can refresh the page to get latest fortnite current player count status.

The number of active users of any popular game tends to fluctuate over time. Whenever a tournament is organized by the developers of the game, the number of active users increases very fast.

The real time data of fortnite player count live 2024 displayed here is shown using Gohost Network Protocol technology.

Fortnite Details

Release DateJuly 2017
PublisherEpic Games
DeveloperEpic Games
TagsBattle Royale, Shooter, Survival, Multiplayer
Available PlatformsWindows, Linux, mac, PS 3, PS 4, PS 5, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, Android
About Fortnite

Fortnite Official Trailer

Fortnite Official Trailer

Fortnite Steam Monthly Charts

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain / LossMonthly Gain / Loss %Peak Players In a Day
Last 30 Days229,481,6837,974,2674.0061,960,054
March 2024221,507,416-15,566,657-7.0059,807,002
February 2024237,074,073-10,158,302-4.0064,010,000
January 2024247,232,37512,086,4985.0056,863,446
December 2023235,145,8774,064,0552.0027,041,776
November 2023231,081,8227,598,4353.0026,574,410
October 01, 2023223,483,387-7,865,875-3.0014,898,892
September 30, 2023231,349,262-6,175,648-3.0015,423,284
August 30, 2023237,524,910-1,674,395-1.0015,834,994
July 30, 2023239,199,305-3,790,643-2.0015,946,620
June 30, 2023242,989,9488,443,6664.0016,199,330
May 30, 2023234,546,2821,477,6551.0015,636,419
April 30, 2023233,068,627-4,292,210-2.0015,537,908
March 30, 2023237,360,8371,495,3871.0015,824,056
February 28, 2023235,865,450-16,734,695-7.0015,724,363
January 30, 2023252,600,145943,6380.0025,260,015
December 30, 2022251,656,5071,511,7511.0025,165,651
November 30, 2022250,144,756-880,8420.0025,014,476
October 30, 2022251,025,598-2,539,412-1.0025,102,560
September 30, 2022253,565,010-3,839,113-1.0029,582,585
August 30, 2022257,404,1232,389,7101.0027,456,440
July 30, 2022255,014,413-9,486,753-4.0028,051,585
June 30, 2022264,501,166-4,654,300-2.0030,858,469
May 30, 2022269,155,4661,104,3230.0024,223,992
April 30, 2022268,051,143-2,960,403-1.0024,124,603
March 30, 2022271,011,5461,953,8401.0024,391,039
February 20, 2022269,057,706-3,652,520-1.0024,215,194
January 30, 2022272,710,226-2,356,191-1.0024,543,920
December 30, 2021275,066,417-1,983,729-1.0024,755,978
November 30, 2021277,050,146-2,614,868-1.0024,934,513
October 30, 2021279,665,0143,062,8001.0025,169,851
September 30, 2021276,602,214-3,252,802-1.0024,894,199
August 30, 2021279,855,016-3,810,000-1.0025,186,951
July 30, 2021283,665,0162,003,0021.0030,950,114
June 30, 2021281,662,014-8,482,746-3.0031,123,565
May 30, 2021290,144,7605,133,2952.0035,011,479
April 30, 2021285,011,4656,996,9983.0033,014,465
March 30, 2021278,014,46714,793,0386.0030,144,709
February 20, 2021263,221,42926,720,28311.0028,544,163
January 30, 2021236,501,14615,486,5927.0025,115,476
December 30, 2020221,014,55410,793,1485.0022,715,791
November 30, 2020210,221,406-54,662,758-21.0025,491,419
October 30, 2020264,884,164-2,647,738-1.0023,244,208
September 30, 2020267,531,902-25,334,353-9.0010,701,276
August 30, 2020292,866,25511,290,6304.0015,619,534
July 30, 2020281,575,62516,346,7596.0011,263,025
June 30, 2020265,228,866-16,459,434-6.0011,493,251
May 30, 2020281,688,30024,475,80010.0011,267,532
May 30, 2020257,212,500-13,537,500-5.0011,145,875
April 30, 2020270,750,000-14,250,000-5.0011,732,500
March 30, 2020285,000,0008,520,0003.0014,250,000
February 20, 2020276,480,00016,560,0006.0011,980,800
January 30, 2020259,920,00038,304,000100.0010,396,800

About Fortnite:

Fortnite is an online video game developed by EpicGames. It is a globally popular online video game that has attract the attention of players worldwide. With its engaging gameplay and distinctive visual style, Fortnite has attracted a massive player base worldwide.

Fortnite offers players three distinct modes of play. The first mode is Fortnite: Save the World, followed by Battle Royale, and the third is Fortnite Creative. Each mode provides a unique and engaging experience for players to enjoy within the Fortnite universe.

Fortnite: Save the World begins in the aftermath of a catastrophic storm that decimates 98% of the population. Following the devastating storm, the survivors face formidable challenges as they battle against relentless hordes of attacking zombies. In their struggle for survival, players must gather and accumulate vital resources, including hero characters, weapons, and traps. These resources serve as essential tools in their fight against the encroaching threat of the undead.

Battle Royale: This mode is the most popular and widely recognized aspect of Fortnite. In Battle Royale, players are dropped onto an island and compete against each other in a last-person-standing format. The goal is to eliminate opponents and be the sole survivor or team standing. As the match progresses, a shrinking play area forces players into closer proximity, intensifying the battles and strategic decision-making. This mode is characterized by its fast-paced action, building mechanics, and the thrill of outlasting opponents to secure a Victory Royale.

The third mode in the game is called Fortnite Creative, which can be described as a sandbox experience. In this mode, players enjoy complete freedom to spawn and create various elements on an island of their choice. It offers a highly creative and challenging gameplay environment.

While each mode presents its unique set of challenges, the overarching ideal in all three modes remains the same to survive for as long as possible.

Fortnite was developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. Which was later made available on multiple platforms including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS which greatly increased its player base.

Furthermore, Fortnite’s crossplay functionality has been instrumental in fostering a unified gaming community. Regardless of the platform they choose, players can seamlessly connect and engage in battles, building structures, and completing challenges together. This crossplay feature has facilitated the formation of diverse and vibrant player communities, breaking down barriers and enabling friends and competitors to join forces, regardless of the devices they use.

The crossplay capability of Fortnite has revolutionized the gaming geography, as it allows players to connect with musketeers who may be using different platforms. Whether it’s teaming up with console players while using a PC, or joining forces with mobile gamers while playing on a console, Fortnite’s crossplay feature promotes inclusivity and brings players together, transcending platform boundaries.

Overall, Fortnite’s remarkable player count and its crossplay functionality have played a significant role in shaping the game’s success. By offering a diverse and expansive gaming experience across multiple platforms, Fortnite continues to captivate players worldwide and foster a global community of enthusiastic gamers.

How to turn off crossplay on fortnite:

To turn off crossplay in Fortnite, you can follow these steps:

How to turn off crossplay on fortnite:

Total Time: 2 minutes

Launch Fortnite.

Launch Fortnite and navigate to the main menu.

Click on the menu icon.

Click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner of the screen. This will open the options menu.

Select the “Settings” tab.

From the options menu, select the “Settings” tab.

Click on “Account and Privacy” section.

Within the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the “Account and Privacy” section. Click on it to expand the options.

Find “Crossplay” or “Cross-Platform Parties” option.

Look for the “Crossplay and Cross-Platform Parties” setting.

Toggle the switch or checkbox.

To disable crossplay, toggle the switch or checkbox associated with crossplay. This will turn off crossplay, and you will only be matched with players from the same platform as you.

Exit the settings menu.

Once you have made the desired changes, you can exit the settings menu.

Please note that the availability of the crossplay option may depend on the specific platform you are playing on. Additionally, keep in mind that disabling crossplay may impact your matchmaking times and player pool, as you will be limiting the potential opponents and teammates to players on the same platform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Fortnite Release Date 

Fortnite was initially released on July 25, 2017.

Where to check Fortnite live player count?

Visit for fortnite player count live.

Is fortnite crossplay?

Yes, Fortnite supports crossplay functionality

Is fortnite free?

Yes, Fortnite is free to play.

Is fortnite on steam?

No, Fortnite is not available on the Steam platform. Fortnite has its own launcher called the Epic Games Launcher, which is used to download and play the game.

Is fortnite banned in India 2024?

 Fortnite is not banned in India.

How many people play Fortnite?

Fortnite average player count is about 3,973,310 while fortnite peak player count is around 15,946,620.


Fortnite is a largely popular battle royale game developed and published by Epic Games. With its vibrant visuals, quickly- paced gameplay, and constant updates, Fortnite has charmed millions of players worldwide.

The game’s cross-platform compatibility and frequent collaborations with popular franchises have contributed to its widespread appeal. Fortnite’s innovative features, including building mechanics and in-game events, have helped establish it as a cultural phenomenon and a major player in the gaming industry.


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