Foxhole player count 2024 : How Many People Play Foxhole?

foxhole player count and steam charts
foxhole player count and steam charts

Foxhole is a cooperative sandbox massively-multiplayer action-strategy video game developed and published by Siege Camp, a Canadian video game company based in Toronto, Ontario. The game was released for Microsoft Windows on September 28, 2022. It was initially launched on Steam’s early access program in July 2017 and garnered significant interest with a peak of 4,813 concurrent players in under 2 weeks.

Within this article, we will explore the specifics of Foxhole Player count, Steam charts, peak player count and concurrent player count. Let’s delve into the statistics that underscore foxhole ascent to prominence on the Steam platform.

Foxhole Player Count in 2024:

Foxhole has experienced fluctuations in its player count since its launch. While it hasn’t achieved substantial popularity on Steam the game maintains a relatively consistent player base earning it a spot among the average titles.

Following its debut on Steam, Foxhole set a peak player record of 11,778 in September 2022. However, since that time the game’s player count has gradually decreased, and this trend persists.

In the year 2023, the game currently maintains an average player count of approximately 2,000 with peak hours seeing numbers ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 players.

Foxhole concurrent player count:

When discussing Foxhole’s concurrent player count, the average typically hovers within the range of 1,200 to 2500. However, during peak hours this figure can rise significantly reaching approximately 2,500 to 5,000. Currently 1786 people are playing Foxhole

Foxhole’s player count suggests that the game falls into the category of an average title. It hasn’t achieved any remarkable milestones since its launch, nor has it secured a place among Steam’s top-rated games.


The real time data of Foxhole live player count 2024 displayed here is shown using Gohost Network Protocol technology.

Foxhole Official Video:

Foxhole Steam Charts:

The statistics on Foxhole Steam charts narrate the complete story of this game’s successes and failures. Here are the statistics displayed to date since the release of the Foxhole game.

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days1,675.9+30.0+1.83%4,914
February 20241,645.9-544.0-24.84%4,914
January 20242,189.9-468.7-17.63%5,270
December 20232,658.6-1,773.7-40.02%7,200
November 20234,432.3+1,981.0+80.81%9,046
October 20232,451.3+855.8+53.64%10,286
September 20231,595.4+78.3+5.16%5,520
August 20231,517.1-69.2-4.36%2,526
July 20231,586.3+223.2+16.37%4,254
June 20231,363.2-46.5-3.30%3,726
May 20231,409.6-392.5-21.78%3,232
April 20231,802.1-123.6-6.42%4,357
March 20231,925.8+241.4+14.33%5,270
February 20231,684.4-290.3-14.70%3,268
January 20231,974.7+137.8+7.50%5,435
December 20221,836.9-942.9-33.92%4,217
November 20222,779.8-2,066.1-42.64%7,144
October 20224,846.0+2,929.5+152.85%11,282
September 20221,916.5+676.1+54.50%11,778
August 20221,240.4-88.0-6.63%3,151
July 20221,328.5+2.5+0.19%3,575
June 20221,326.0-74.1-5.29%2,973
May 20221,400.0-78.8-5.33%4,234
April 20221,478.8+187.8+14.55%2,644
March 20221,291.0-98.4-7.08%3,190
February 20221,389.3-182.9-11.63%3,700
January 20221,572.2+188.5+13.62%4,080
December 20211,383.7-221.0-13.77%4,044
November 20211,604.7-1,169.7-42.16%3,192
October 20212,774.4+584.6+26.70%5,373
September 20212,189.8+14.3+0.66%5,586
August 20212,175.5-265.1-10.86%3,894
July 20212,440.6+1,177.0+93.15%5,031
June 20211,263.6-78.3-5.84%3,099
May 20211,342.0-369.7-21.60%3,488
April 20211,711.7-363.6-17.52%4,252
March 20212,075.2+1,517.5+272.05%5,682
February 2021557.8+83.0+17.48%3,258
January 2021474.8+50.0+11.76%1,077
December 2020424.9+19.2+4.74%877
November 2020405.6-13.6-3.25%960
October 2020419.2-152.8-26.72%1,032
September 2020572.1-230.0-28.67%1,151
August 2020802.0+457.4+132.69%2,220
July 2020344.7+83.6+32.03%727
June 2020261.1-80.0-23.45%541
May 2020341.1-81.6-19.30%739
April 2020422.6+88.7+26.55%917
March 2020334.0+9.1+2.81%801
February 2020324.8-193.2-37.29%629
January 2020518.0-130.4-20.11%1,337
December 2019648.4+410.3+172.37%1,516
November 2019238.1-9.9-4.01%611
October 2019248.0+11.9+5.05%788
September 2019236.1-19.7-7.69%680
August 2019255.7-163.1-38.94%612
July 2019418.8-94.3-18.38%1,147
June 2019513.2+286.6+126.53%1,542
May 2019226.5-99.3-30.49%619
April 2019325.9-152.7-31.91%726
March 2019478.6+100.8+26.67%1,276
February 2019377.8-306.0-44.74%754
January 2019683.8-128.4-15.81%1,647
December 2018812.2+535.1+193.11%1,694
November 2018277.1-49.9-15.25%795
October 2018326.9+92.7+39.58%893
September 2018234.2-44.8-16.05%492
August 2018279.0-79.3-22.14%632
July 2018358.4+83.6+30.43%754
June 2018274.8+23.6+9.38%804
May 2018251.2-58.5-18.88%525
April 2018309.7-162.2-34.37%786
March 2018471.8+238.4+102.10%2,748
February 2018233.5-114.9-32.98%545
January 2018348.3+38.8+12.52%896
December 2017309.6-47.5-13.29%1,011
November 2017357.0-226.9-38.85%800
October 2017583.9-61.2-9.48%1,696
September 2017645.1-1,342.2-67.54%1,364
August 20171,987.3+813.6+69.31%4,813
July 20171,173.8+1,173.8+Inf%4,034
December 20160.0+0.0+NaN%0
August 20160.00

Foxhole Game Detail:

Release DateSeptember 28, 2022
PublisherSiege Camp, Clapfoot Inc
DeveloperSiege Camp
ModeMultiplayer video game
GENREMultiplayer video game
TagsMassively Multiplayer, Wargame, Military War
Available PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
File Size15 GB
Foxhole Game Detail

About Foxhole:

Foxhole, the brainchild of Siege Camp’s creative minds is a massively multiplayer gaming phenomenon that has held the gaming community in its grip since its inception. This persistent online war game where thousands of players collaboratively shape the course of events over weeks offers a gaming experience that transcends the ordinary immersing players in a thrilling virtual battlefield.


Foxhole provides a unique and dynamic gameplay experience. Players find themselves in a persistent online war where thousands of participants influence the outcome over weeks. The game’s sandbox war setting is characterized by player-driven logistics, base building, reconnaissance and intense combat.

A Dynamic Sandbox War Game:

In Foxhole, players plunge headfirst into a sandbox war game where every bullet, weapon, vehicle and drop of fuel is not a product of algorithms but the result of real players’ efforts. The game boasts an array of captivating gameplay elements including:

Logistics: Players must efficiently gather, process and transport resources serving as the lifeblood of the war effort.

Base Building: From constructing underground hideouts to erecting fortifications players wield the power to strategically shape the battlefield.

Reconnaissance: Intelligence gathering and coordinated map-based tactics are essential for gaining the upper hand.

Combat: Foxhole delivers intense and immersive warfare where players utilize their resources and equipment to secure objectives and defend their territories.

A World of Immersive Realism:

Set in a dynamic world adorned with hundreds of hand-crafted towns, villages, and points of interest Foxhole is currently available exclusively on PC. The game’s cutting-edge graphics and enriched audio create stunning visuals and soundscapes that transport players into a vibrant, ever-evolving universe. Furthermore Foxhole features a fully dynamic weather system accurately simulating snow and rainstorms elevating the level of realism and strategic complexity within the gameplay.

Faqs About Foxhole:

Foxhole Release Date.

Foxhole was initially released on 28 September 2022.

Where to check Foxhole player count?

Visit for Foxhole concurrent player count live.

Is Foxhole Free to Play?

No, Foxhole is not a free-to-play game. It is a premium game that requires purchase before you can access and play it.

Is Foxhole on Steam?

Yes, Foxhole is available on the Steam platform.

How many people play Foxhole?

The average player count of Foxhole ranges from 1,200 to 2,500, with peak hours often seeing numbers rise to 2,500 to 5,000.

Is Foxhole dead?

No, Foxhole is not considered dead. While its player count may fluctuate at times it still maintains an active player base and the game receives regular updates and support from its developers. It’s far from being considered a dead game.

Is Foxhole still popular in 2024?

Yes, Foxhole continues to maintain popularity in 2024. The game has an active player base and receives ongoing updates from its developers, which contribute to its sustained appeal within the gaming community.

How Many People are playing Foxhole currently?

Currently 1786 people are playing Foxhole game on steam.


It’s clear that Foxhole doesn’t have enough players, but its devoted player base is a testament to its success. Foxhole player count and Brume map data taken from Steam’s sanctioned website. The number of players keeps adding during game updates and on weekends.


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