Paladins Player Count 2024 (Steam Chart and Statistics)

Paladins Player Count Steam Chart and Statistics
Paladins Player Count Steam Chart and Statistics

Paladins, developed by HI- REZ Studios, is an instigative free to play firing game that appeals to suckers of the kidney. Set in a witching fantasy sci- fi world, the game features a different cast of medieval- inspired characters and stunning monuments.

If you’re curious about the player base of Paladins and want to know how many people are presently playing the game across all devices. Discover the thriving community of Paladins suckers and join the action- packed gameplay that has captured the attention of multitudinous players worldwide.

Paladins Steam Chart

Below, you will find the comprehensive monthly player count data for Paladins, which is derived from the Steam charts.

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days4,286.9-324.1-7.03%8,305
March 20244,610.9-1,481.0-24.31%8,483
February 20246,091.9+716.4+13.33%9,227
January 20245,375.6+532.5+10.99%8,979
December 20234,843.1-1,025.9-17.48%8,353
November 20235,869.0-844.9-12.58%8,522
October 20236,713.9-727.0-9.77%9,769
September 20237,440.9-359.1-4.60%10,518
August 20237,800.0-920.1-10.55%10,949
July 20238,720.0-433.4-4.73%12,209
June 20239,153.4+995.9+12.21%13,820
May 20238,157.5-205.5-2.46%12,467
April 20238,363.0-186.3-2.18%11,457
March 20238,549.3-1,344.5-13.59%12,578
February 20239,893.8+1,587.6+19.11%13,385
January 20238,306.1+4,564.7+122.00%17,560
December 20223,741.4-366.2-8.92%6,524
November 20224,107.6-543.8-11.69%9,480
October 20224,651.4-470.1-9.18%9,942
September 20225,121.6-615.3-10.73%9,211
August 20225,736.9-953.3-14.25%9,675
July 20226,690.2+338.6+5.33%10,826
June 20226,351.6-324.8-4.87%11,195
May 20226,676.4+379.0+6.02%12,270
April 20226,297.5+233.2+3.85%11,052
March 20226,064.3-573.3-8.64%11,265
February 20226,637.6-259.3-3.76%11,494
January 20226,896.9+1,076.3+18.49%13,059
December 20215,820.6-1,289.3-18.13%10,184
November 20217,109.9-466.2-6.15%12,818
October 20217,576.1+96.7+1.29%13,687
September 20217,479.4-871.8-10.44%13,621
August 20218,351.1-478.5-5.42%13,974
July 20218,829.6+508.3+6.11%15,277
June 20218,321.3-810.6-8.88%13,985
May 20219,132.0-995.6-9.83%15,908
April 202110,127.5+511.5+5.32%19,000
March 20219,616.0-467.5-4.64%19,137
February 202110,083.5+58.0+0.58%18,501
January 202110,025.6+1,272.8+14.54%17,456
December 20208,752.8-512.6-5.53%14,585
November 20209,265.4+1,253.3+15.64%16,035
October 20208,012.1-402.1-4.78%16,679
September 20208,414.3-1,811.0-17.71%14,374
August 202010,225.2+84.1+0.83%16,893
July 202010,141.1-395.9-3.76%17,726
June 202010,537.0-3,785.1-26.43%17,921
May 202014,322.1-2,672.8-15.73%28,367
April 202016,994.9+3,074.1+22.08%28,658
March 202013,920.8+976.0+7.54%25,560
February 202012,944.8-938.6-6.76%23,114
January 202013,883.4+1,381.7+11.05%26,050
December 201912,501.7+158.0+1.28%21,122
November 201912,343.8+1,447.7+13.29%23,223
October 201910,896.0-1,186.6-9.82%20,045
September 201912,082.7-1,049.5-7.99%22,180
August 201913,132.1+531.0+4.21%22,956
July 201912,601.2+113.8+0.91%21,159
June 201912,487.4+1,026.3+8.95%20,787
May 201911,461.1-160.0-1.38%20,808
April 201911,621.1-314.0-2.63%22,250
March 201911,935.1-893.5-6.96%22,141
February 201912,828.6-2,189.5-14.58%25,946
January 201915,018.1+137.6+0.92%28,070
December 201814,880.5-482.1-3.14%30,059
November 201815,362.5+924.4+6.40%33,440
October 201814,438.1+363.7+2.58%28,335
September 201814,074.4-2,836.1-16.77%28,759
August 201816,910.4-936.8-5.25%27,655
July 201817,847.2-504.7-2.75%33,794
June 201818,351.8+133.2+0.73%33,663
May 201818,218.7+1,716.0+10.40%34,990
April 201816,502.7+640.0+4.03%30,742
March 201815,862.7-1,367.3-7.94%33,985
February 201817,230.1-3,246.9-15.86%33,557
January 201820,476.9+2,495.5+13.88%38,563
December 201717,981.5-2,213.4-10.96%33,617
November 201720,194.8-423.3-2.05%39,392
October 201720,618.2-2,697.0-11.57%39,205
September 201723,315.2-1,714.0-6.85%45,615
August 201725,029.1-219.0-0.87%43,505
July 201725,248.2-745.7-2.87%41,268
June 201725,993.9+1,424.7+5.80%44,772
May 201724,569.2+194.6+0.80%46,204
April 201724,374.6-431.5-1.74%43,444
March 201724,806.1+24.9+0.10%50,413
February 201724,781.3+1,334.5+5.69%48,745
January 201723,446.8+1,417.1+6.43%41,509
December 201622,029.7-6,087.3-21.65%38,993
November 201628,117.0-1,160.2-3.96%60,566
October 201629,277.1+8,247.8+39.22%56,149
September 201621,029.348,004

Paladins Player Count 2023 – How Many People Are Playing Paladins

On 18 May 2024 Paladins player count reached its peak on Steam, with a total of 13,184 players. While the average player base remained between 8000-12000.

The all-time peak player count for Paladins was achieved in November 2016, with a staggering player count of 60,566. This milestone highlights the immense popularity of the game during that period, as a large number of players engaged in its intense battles and immersive gameplay.

Paladins Live player count

The real time data of Paladins Live player count displayed here is shown using Gohost Network Protocol technology.

Here is the live status of Paladins player count on SteamPlayerCount. You can refresh the page to get the latest status of Paladins live player count.

The number of active users of any popular game tends to fluctuate over time. Whenever a tournament is organized by the developers of the game, the number of active users increases very fast.

Paladins Games Detail

Release Date16 September 2016
PublisherEvil Mojo Games
DeveloperHi-Rez Studios
TagsNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One
Available PlatformsPC, PS5 / PS4, Xbox One
PriceFree to Play
Paladins Games Detail

Paladins Official Trailer

Paladins Official Trailer

About Paladins

Paladins is an online Hero style video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. The game was released in 2016, the game swiftly garnered popularity as a free-to-play title accessible on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Paladins, frequently known as “Champions of the Realm,” provides players with an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience.

The game’s storyline centers around a clash between two factions, the Magistrate and the Paladins. Players assume the role of Champions, skilled individuals who are recruited to minimize casualties among standard soldiers. As a Champion, players engage in intense battles and strategic encounters, using their unique abilities and skills to turn the tides of war.

One of the defining aspects of Paladins is its diverse roster of characters. Players are presented with a wide selection of Champions, each enjoying a distinctive playstyle, capacities, and attributes, allowing for a different and individualized gaming experience.

These Champions are divided into four primary categories: Damage, Flank, Front Line, and Support. This classification system allows players to choose a character that best suits their preferred playstyle and strategic approach.

Game Modes:

Paladins offers a diverse range of game modes to cater to different preferences and playstyles. Players can engage in:

Siege: In this mode, teams compete to capture and push payloads towards the enemy base while defending their own. Successful teamwork and strategic coordination are essential for victory.

Onslaught: Players participate in fast-paced battles, aiming to control a central objective area. This mode emphasizes quick reflexes, aggressive gameplay, and intense team clashes.

Team Deathmatch: Two teams face off in an intense battle, striving to achieve the highest number of eliminations within a given time limit. Effective team coordination and skilled combat are key to triumph.

Ranked: For those seeking a more competitive experience, Ranked mode provides an opportunity to showcase skills and climb the ladder of skill rankings, facing off against similarly skilled opponents.


Paladins delivers an immersive and action packed gameplay experience. As players claw into the game, they assume the part of Champions, each with their own distinct playstyle, weaponries, and fighting expertise.

The target is to work as a platoon, map , and shut out the opposing platoon’s players.

The game adopts a first- person shooter( FPS) perspective, immersing players in thrilling combat screenplays. Each Champion brings a unique set of abilities and roles, such as damage-dealers, flankers, front liners, or support characters. Successful team composition, cooperation, and tactical decision-making are vital to secure victory.

Paladins also offers the option to customize Champions, allowing players to personalize their appearance, weapons, and visual effects. Additionally, each match offers an opportunity to level up and strengthen Champions, further enhancing their capabilities and unlocking additional customization options.

A notable feature of Paladins is the exclusive selection of Champions per team. Once a player chooses a Champion, that character becomes unavailable for other players on the same team, fostering strategic decision-making and encouraging diverse team compositions.

Whether engaging in strategic sieges, fast-paced onslaughts, intense team deathmatches, or competitive ranked matches, Paladins provides an exhilarating gameplay experience, rewarding skillful coordination, communication, and individual prowess.

Is paladins crossplay?

Yes, Paladins supports crossplay across different platforms. Players on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One can all join the same matches and play together, regardless of their platform. This crossplay feature allows for a larger player pool, shorter matchmaking times, and the ability to connect and play with friends across different platforms.

Is Paladins free to play?

Yes, Paladins is a free-to-play game. It can be downloaded and played without any upfront cost. However, there are optional in-game purchases available for cosmetic items and additional content.


Paladins has gained significant popularity as a video game, and its player count and presence on Steam charts serve as a testament to its success.

The game has garnered a substantial following, with a devoted player base enjoying its engaging gameplay and different canon of titleholders. The sustained fashionability of Paladins is a testament to its appeal and the enjoyment it offers to gamers worldwide.


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