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According to the latest data, 20390 players are currently playing Dark and Darker. While the all time peak player count is 69,533.
Currently, 297 players are playing Starship Troopers Extermination. While the all time peak player count is 16,065..

Paladins Player Count 2024 (Steam Chart and Statistics)

There are currently 2559 players are playing Paladins live, while the game's all-time peak player count is 60,566 as of November 2016.

Halo Infinite Player Count Stats and Charts Info 2024

Halo Infinite currently player count is 1690 on Steam, while Halo Infinite peak player count on 11 Nov 2021 was around 263,047

Battlefield 5 player count 2024: How Many People Play Bf V

Battlefield 5 set a new record by reaching its peak player figure of 114,017 players in November 2023. currently 19976 players are playing BF V

Destiny 2 Steam Charts & Steam Player Count 2024

Currently, there are 47483 players actively playing Palworld, with an all-time peak player count of 316,651 players in febuary 2023 ......

Overwatch 2 player count & Steam Charts in 2024.

Currently Playing All Time Peak 75,361 Active Players 711,150 Twitch Stream Watched Hours 16,492,992 Peak...

Exoprimal Live Player Count in 2024 – Steam Charts & Stats

Currently, there are 21 players actively playing Exoprimal, with an all-time peak of 4,522 players......

THE FINALS Player count & Steam Charts in 2024 live.

Currently, there are 9155 players actively playing THE FINALS, with an all-time peak of 242,399 players......

Battlefield 2042 Player Count: How many Players are Playing Bf in 2024?

Currently Playing All Time Peak 107,006 Battlefield 2042 player count: Have you ever played Battlefield: 2042 game, if yes, then you will also know...

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