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PlanetSide 2 developed by Rogue Planet Games is a groundbreaking MMOFPS that thrusts players into a futuristic persistent world of colossal warfare. Published by Sony Online Entertainment it debuted in 2012 building on the success of the original PlanetSide. 

With three factions battling for supremacy on vast continents the game’s key features include massive player counts, diverse classes and a wide array of vehicles. PlanetSide 2 delivers an unparalleled gaming experience, combining skill-based combat with strategic depth on an unprecedented scale.

Planetside 2 has had an amazing 11 year journey. The game has maintained a popular player base since its release. In today’s article, we are going to know about Planetside 2’s player count 2023, Steam charts, live player stats and active players. Let us know how many people are playing Planetside 2 all over the world right now?

Planetside 2 player count in 2024

The game set a record for the highest player count of 29,449 players during its release in November 2012. Which reflects the game’s initial surge in popularity. As of 9 June 2024 Currently, there are 765 players are currently live on PlanetSide 2.

The maximum 24-hour player count is between 1800 and 2000 players, demonstrating a dedicated player base engaged in the game’s sustained and large-scale battles.

These statistics reflect the popularity of the PlanetSide 2 game. The popularity of the game has remained consistent for 11 years and the figures from Steam charts confirm this.

Planetside 2 concurrent player count steam

Planetside 2 debuted on Steam charts in November 2012, initially garnering a concurrent player count of 4 to 5 thousand players, which gradually declined over time. Despite this, ongoing game updates have sustained its popularity, and presently, approximately 765 players are engaged in Planetside 2.

However, the concurrent player count experiences fluctuations due to intense competition from other multiplayer online first-person shooter games like Overwatch 2, Apex Legends, Battlefield 5, Counter-Strike, and Destiny 2.

Planetside 2 Live Player Count:

765 Player are Currently active on Planetside 2

The real time data of Planetside 2 player count live 2024 displaying here is taken from Steam Charts.

Planetside 2 Steam Charts [Monthly]

To find out the popularity of Planetside 2 game, we will have to look at the statistics of Steam Quarters. Steam chart statistics show fluctuations in the popularity of the Planetside 2 game and the number of players in the game. The popularity of the Planetside 2 game has remained constant since its launch on Steam. Here you will get statistics from the release of the game to the concurrent player count.

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days795.8-17.0-2.09%1,405
March 2024812.8-145.9-15.22%1,445
February 2024958.7+42.1+4.59%1,745
January 2024916.6-6.5-0.70%1,604
December 2023923.1+16.0+1.77%1,680
November 2023907.0-86.4-8.69%1,581
October 2023993.4+3.0+0.31%1,811
September 2023990.4-76.1-7.14%1,797
August 20231,066.5-108.2-9.21%1,827
July 20231,174.7-343.8-22.64%1,930
June 20231,518.5-205.7-11.93%2,909
May 20231,724.1+262.6+17.97%3,792
April 20231,461.5+71.4+5.14%2,885
March 20231,390.1-40.5-2.83%2,579
February 20231,430.6+101.0+7.60%2,447
January 20231,329.6-83.9-5.94%2,529
December 20221,413.5-101.8-6.72%2,462
November 20221,515.4-12.6-0.82%3,951
October 20221,528.0-55.9-3.53%2,608
September 20221,583.8-182.5-10.33%2,900
August 20221,766.3-156.0-8.12%3,359
July 20221,922.3+78.5+4.26%3,771
June 20221,843.8-319.3-14.76%3,184
May 20222,163.1-302.1-12.25%3,793
April 20222,465.2+769.9+45.41%4,467
March 20221,695.3-182.1-9.70%3,025
February 20221,877.4+95.7+5.37%3,211
January 20221,781.7+158.0+9.73%3,640
December 20211,623.7+40.8+2.58%2,782
November 20211,582.9-125.0-7.32%3,020
October 20211,707.9-55.4-3.14%3,121
September 20211,763.3-222.6-11.21%3,140
August 20211,985.8+21.2+1.08%3,385
July 20211,964.7+357.3+22.23%3,397
June 20211,607.4-158.0-8.95%2,595
May 20211,765.4+148.6+9.19%3,068
April 20211,616.8-143.8-8.17%2,799
March 20211,760.7-218.6-11.04%3,007
February 20211,979.3+86.0+4.54%3,101
January 20211,893.3+54.3+2.95%3,314
December 20201,839.0-430.2-18.96%3,291
November 20202,269.2-184.8-7.53%4,195
October 20202,454.1+476.9+24.12%4,456
September 20201,977.2-98.3-4.74%3,538
August 20202,075.5-299.2-12.60%3,381
July 20202,374.7+41.5+1.78%3,962
June 20202,333.2-408.1-14.89%4,004
May 20202,741.4-872.9-24.15%4,827
April 20203,614.3-25.1-0.69%6,576
March 20203,639.4+1,430.2+64.74%7,694
February 20202,209.2+907.7+69.74%4,176
January 20201,301.5+43.3+3.44%2,242
December 20191,258.2+52.9+4.39%2,008
November 20191,205.3+132.7+12.37%2,160
October 20191,072.6-143.8-11.82%1,842
September 20191,216.5-218.6-15.23%2,056
August 20191,435.1+30.4+2.16%2,406
July 20191,404.7-73.2-4.95%3,206
June 20191,477.9-685.7-31.69%2,483
May 20192,163.6+878.9+68.41%3,554
April 20191,284.8+55.6+4.52%3,472
March 20191,229.2-151.0-10.94%2,152
February 20191,380.1-292.6-17.49%2,324
January 20191,672.8-189.4-10.17%2,883
December 20181,862.2+90.4+5.10%2,892
November 20181,771.8-54.1-2.97%3,075
October 20181,825.9+241.4+15.23%3,513
September 20181,584.5-22.4-1.39%2,736
August 20181,606.9-164.5-9.29%2,576
July 20181,771.4+5.6+0.32%3,081
June 20181,765.8-19.8-1.11%2,936
May 20181,785.6-87.2-4.66%3,403
April 20181,872.8-10.2-0.54%3,159
March 20181,883.1-8.8-0.47%3,514
February 20181,891.9+196.7+11.60%3,331
January 20181,695.3+36.8+2.22%3,171
December 20171,658.4+28.1+1.72%3,079
November 20171,630.4-206.2-11.23%3,012
October 20171,836.5-5.6-0.30%4,031
September 20171,842.2-201.2-9.85%3,181
August 20172,043.4+226.0+12.44%3,265
July 20171,817.3-8.2-0.45%3,131
June 20171,825.5-167.1-8.39%3,180
May 20171,992.7-113.9-5.41%3,522
April 20172,106.5+186.7+9.72%3,798
March 20171,919.8-177.6-8.47%3,632
February 20172,097.4-72.0-3.32%3,876
January 20172,169.4+259.6+13.59%3,979
December 20161,909.8+30.3+1.61%3,498
November 20161,879.6+43.4+2.36%3,707
October 20161,836.2+12.7+0.70%3,452
September 20161,823.5-317.6-14.83%3,560
August 20162,141.1+54.9+2.63%3,539
July 20162,086.1-277.8-11.75%3,339
June 20162,364.0-605.4-20.39%4,684
May 20162,969.4+935.6+46.00%6,165
April 20162,033.8-225.1-9.96%5,547
March 20162,258.8+138.6+6.54%4,182
February 20162,120.3-75.2-3.43%4,054
January 20162,195.4+42.3+1.96%4,166
December 20152,153.2-87.2-3.89%4,147
November 20152,240.3-191.6-7.88%4,304
October 20152,431.9-14.4-0.59%4,554
September 20152,446.3-374.4-13.27%5,171
August 20152,820.7+138.7+5.17%4,606
July 20152,682.0+354.9+15.25%4,627
June 20152,327.2-185.5-7.38%4,342
May 20152,512.7-95.8-3.67%4,703
April 20152,608.5-298.1-10.26%4,962
March 20152,906.6-706.5-19.55%6,052
February 20153,613.1-395.1-9.86%6,934
January 20154,008.2+468.0+13.22%7,508
December 20143,540.2+284.9+8.75%6,305
November 20143,255.3+150.0+4.83%6,836
October 20143,105.3-162.2-4.97%6,108
September 20143,267.5-533.2-14.03%6,483
August 20143,800.7+132.6+3.61%6,808
July 20143,668.2+426.3+13.15%6,536
June 20143,241.8-123.7-3.68%6,630
May 20143,365.5-770.2-18.62%6,713
April 20144,135.7-435.1-9.52%7,426
March 20144,570.7-711.8-13.47%8,699
February 20145,282.5+132.8+2.58%9,525
January 20145,149.6+1,013.3+24.50%10,606
December 20134,136.4-93.4-2.21%8,066
November 20134,229.8+854.1+25.30%8,501
October 20133,375.7-190.2-5.33%6,331
September 20133,565.9-413.5-10.39%6,640
August 20133,979.3-39.7-0.99%7,032
July 20134,019.0-805.3-16.69%8,399
June 20134,824.3+50.2+1.05%8,182
May 20134,774.1+99.2+2.12%8,824
April 20134,675.0-707.6-13.15%8,563
March 20135,382.5-1,143.7-17.53%10,439
February 20136,526.3-827.0-11.25%20,152
January 20137,353.3-4,105.4-35.83%14,532
December 201211,458.7-4,781.8-29.44%23,686
November 201216,240.5--29,449

Planetside 2 Game Detail:

GamePlanetside 2
Release Date6 September 2017
RELEASE DATE (Steam)20-11-2012
PublisherDaybreak Game Company
DeveloperRogue Planet Games
Official Website
ModeMultiplayer video game
GENREAction, Shooter, Massively Multiplayer
TagsFree to Play, FPS, Massively Multiplayer, Shooter
Available PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and GeForce Now
PriceFree to Play
Game Detail

Planetside 2 Official Video:

On which platforms is PlanetSide 2 available for play?

PlanetSide 2 is accessible for gameplay on various platforms, including Windows (PC), PS4, and GeForce Now. Below is the comprehensive list of platforms where PlanetSide 2 is available for play.

Windows (PC)Yes
Xbox OneNo
GeForce NowYes
Xbox Series X/SNo
Nintendo SwitchNo
PlanetSide 2 Supported Platform

About Planetside 2

PlanetSide 2, made by Daybreak Game Company, is a huge multiplayer shooting game where big battles are the main focus. It’s like a sequel and a new version of the old game, keeping the same world, groups and time setting.

The game is all about taking over territories, with battles involving up to 2000 players. It’s set on made-up planet continents split into many areas, and controlling these areas helps your team win. Winning needs teamwork and planned attacks.

There are three groups in the game—the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty—each with its own look and way of playing. For example, the Republic uses regular guns, while the Conglomerate likes railguns and gauss rifles.

Like League of Legends, PlanetSide 2 is free to play, but there’s a shop where you can buy stuff like weapons, vehicles, and looks using real money or in-game money.

FAQs About Planetside 2:

How many people are playing Planetside 2?

Currently 765 players Are Playing Planetside 2.

Is Planetside 2 available on Steam?

PlanetSide 2 is available on Steam, and you can also acquire the game by downloading it directly from the official Planetside 2 website.

Is Planetside 2 still active in 2024?

Of course, PlanetSide 2 remains active with a substantial player base even in 2024.

Is PlanetSide 2 completely free?

Yes, PlanetSide 2 is a free to play game. While the game can be played at no cost, it features a freemium model, which allows players to purchase in-game items such as weapons, vehicles, and cosmetics using real money or in game currency.

How big is PlanetSide 2 file size?

PlanetSide 2 requires a storage space of 14 GB.

Is PlanetSide 2 still popular in 2024?

PlanetSide 2 remains popular among gamers today, although player numbers have declined. Nevertheless, PlanetSide 2 maintains a strong player base.

Is PlanetSide 2 Dead?

Absolutely not, PlanetSide 2 is thriving. It boasts an engaged player community on Discord and Reddit. Regular updates from Daybreak Game Company LLC contribute to its vibrancy.


Planetside 2 is still alive and well. If you want to play it in 2024, then even today the interestingness of this game will keep you hooked to this game. Planetside 2 is a free to play game which you can download and play on Windows or PS4. Planetside 2’s player count reflects its strong player base. Which is also confirmed by Steam Charts figures.


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