[2024] Dark and Darker Player count & Steam Charts

Dark and Darker Player count & Steam Charts
Dark and Darker Player count & Steam Charts

Dark and Darker is an multiplayer fantasy extraction game developed by South Korean studio Ironmace. has released into early access as of Monday, August 7, 2023.

However, this game is not currently available on Steam for gamers, and the reason behind this is the ongoing lawsuit by Nexon against the developer Ironmace.

Within this article, we will explore the specifics of Dark and Darker’s player count, Steam charts, peak player count, and concurrent player count, shedding light on the game’s increasing success and its burgeoning popularity within the gaming community. Let’s delve into the statistics that underscore Dark and Darker’s ascent to prominence on the Steam platform.

Dark and Darker Player Count in 2024:

Dark & Darker stands as a polished FPS dungeon crawler demanding both sharp wits and collaborative effort to navigate its shadowy maze. Across its playtests it has drawn a substantial player base each iteration surpassing the last in various aspects. The recent conclusion of its fourth playtest has brought about promising outcomes.

Throughout its playtests “Dark and Darker” maintained an average player count of approximately 35,000 to 40,000, with a peak player count of 69,533. Nonetheless estimating concurrent player counts for Dark and Darker remains challenging due to its absence on Steam.

However the enthusiastic player feedback suggests a groundbreaking accomplishment in terms of Testplay engagement further underscoring the positive reception that “Dark and Darker” has achieved.

Dark and Darker concurrent player count

Dark and Darker’s concurrent player count cannot be accurately estimated due to its absence on Steam, and there is no official information available from Ironmace, the publisher of the game.

Below are the live player counters for Dark and Darker on PC . You can easily refresh the page to stay updated with the latest concurrent player count for Dark and Darker.

The real time data of Dark and Darker player count live 2024 displayed here is shown using Gohost Network Protocol technology.

Dark and Darker Official Video:

The Alpha Playtest Teaser for Dark and Darker was released on YouTube on August 13, 2022, and was warmly received by gaming enthusiasts.

Dark and Darker Steam Charts:

Here is the Dark and Darker- Steam Charts:-

Steam charts data is unavailable for Dark and Darker due to the game not being available on Steam.

Dark and Darker Game Detail:

GameDark and Darker
Release Date7 Aug 2023
ModeMultiplayer video game
GENREAction, First person, PvP, RPG, Survival
TagsDungeon Crawler, Extraction Shooter, Fantasy, Medeval, Multiplayer, Online
Available PlatformsPC
File Size300 MB
Dark and Darker Game Detail


Dark and Darker is an exhilarating FPS dungeon crawler that beckons players into an immersive realm of strategic challenges and cooperative survival. Developed by IRONMACE this game intertwines the intensity of a first-person shooter with the strategic depth of dungeon crawling resulting in a captivating gameplay experience.

Set within the confines of ominous labyrinths “Dark and Darker” requires players to rely on their wits and teamwork to overcome the myriad dangers that lurk within. The game’s core premise revolves around players banding together in teams to venture into these treacherous depths hunting for invaluable treasures while fending off relentless adversaries.

What sets Dark and Darker apart is its adept fusion of classic dungeon crawler elements with modern FPS mechanics. This amalgamation delivers a gaming encounter that challenges players’ tactical prowess as they confront both labyrinthine puzzles and waves of formidable foes. The cooperative aspect of the game not only fosters camaraderie but also amplifies the strategic depth making every decision a critical one.

The title’s playtests have captured the attention of countless players with each iteration surpassing the last in terms of gameplay enhancements and overall quality. The fourth playtest for instance witnessed a surge of over two million participants highlighting the game’s growing popularity and appeal within the gaming community.

Additionally Dark and Darker has gained traction among live streamers and content creators contributing to its rising status as one of the most favored entries in recent months. This organic growth speaks to the game’s ability to resonate with a diverse audience drawing players who seek a unique blend of fantasy adventure and cooperative challenge.

As the journey of “Dark and Darker” continues its early access release and subsequent stages promise to refine the captivating experience even further. The game’s potential for continued success is evident as it navigates the intricate balance between classic dungeon exploration and modern FPS excitement offering players an enthralling adventure where teamwork and wit reign supreme.

Faqs About Dark and Darker:

Dark and Darker Release Date.

Dark and Darker was initially released on 07 Aug 2023.

Where to check Dark and Darker player count?

Visit Steamplayercount.net for Dark and Darker concurrent player count live.

Is Dark and Darker Free to Play?

No Dark and Darker is not Free to Play.

Is Dark and Darker on Steam?

No, Dark and Darker is available on Steam. The creators at Ironmace found themselves entangled in a legal dispute due to copyright issues. As a result, the game has been placed on a temporary hiatus since January 2024 and has been removed from the Steam storefront.

How many people play Dark and Darker in 2024?

Dark and Darker has an average player count of between 35,000 to 40,000 while its peak player count reaches an impressive 69,533 during playtests.

Is Dark and Darker dead?

No, Dark and Darker is not Dead.


The Dark and Darker player count, peak player count, live player count and Dark and Darker steam chart provided here and the real-time data of Dark and Darker concurrent player count displayed here are shown using the GoHost network protocol technology.

The number of players of popular games varies over time, experiencing fluctuations based on a variety of factors. In particular, when game developers organize tournaments or special events, the number of active users can grow exponentially as players eagerly participate in exciting contests.


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