Post Scriptum Player Count Decline: Is the Game Dead in 2024?


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Post Scriptum is a World War II- themed politic first- person shooter video game developed by Periscope Games. It was published by Offworld diligence and released on August 9, 2018.

Post Scriptum is mainly designed for Microsoft Windows and can be found on platforms like Steam. It provides an incredibly naturalistic and immersive gaming adventure, enabling players to step into historical battles and engagements from World War II.

The game emphasizes cooperation and strategic thinking making it a choice for gamers seeking a realistic and World War II gaming experience. But the game also falls short despite its engaging gameplay, great graphics and Could not achieve success and proved to be a complete flop.

In today’s article, we will shed light on all the aspects of Why Is Post Scriptum Dead along with Post Scriptum Steam charts, current player count in 2024, and Post Scriptum active player count. Let us know about those statistics which highlight the success and failure of this game.

Post Scriptum Steam Charts 2024:

The game, a World War II-themed first-person shooter video game, was launched on Steam on August 9, 2018. The figures on the Steam charts for this game narrate the tale of its failure following the Steam release.

The statistics on the Steam charts exclusively highlight the game’s lack of success. By examining these figures from the Post Scriptum Steam Charts, you can gauge the game’s popularity.

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days88.3-4.7-5.05%407
October 202393.0-26.3-22.01%407
September 2023119.3-19.9-14.33%374
August 2023139.2+0.9+0.62%395
July 2023138.4-2.4-1.70%455
June 2023140.8-5.1-3.51%414
May 2023145.9-38.9-21.03%455
April 2023184.7-13.8-6.94%552
March 2023198.5-24.0-10.78%664
February 2023222.5-89.2-28.62%614
January 2023311.7+46.1+17.37%859
December 2022265.6+3.3+1.25%716
November 2022262.3-68.2-20.63%758
October 2022330.5-36.1-9.86%1,004
September 2022366.7+116.5+46.58%1,184
August 2022250.1-28.9-10.34%707
July 2022279.0-7.6-2.64%805
June 2022286.6-6.1-2.07%859
May 2022292.6-34.5-10.54%810
April 2022327.1+16.4+5.27%949
March 2022310.7-93.8-23.18%1,016
February 2022404.5-133.2-24.78%1,213
January 2022537.8-99.2-15.58%1,246
December 2021637.0+201.2+46.16%1,560
November 2021435.8+164.3+60.51%1,925
October 2021271.5-1.7-0.63%838
September 2021273.2-63.5-18.85%1,020
August 2021336.7-52.1-13.39%922
July 2021388.8+21.8+5.93%997
June 2021367.0-71.9-16.38%1,200
May 2021438.9-68.0-13.41%1,390
April 2021506.9-24.8-4.66%1,560
March 2021531.7-209.6-28.28%1,566
February 2021741.3-70.0-8.63%1,612
January 2021811.3+194.9+31.62%1,787
December 2020616.4-11.6-1.84%1,532
November 2020628.0+87.0+16.08%2,251
October 2020541.0+28.8+5.62%2,405
September 2020512.2-141.8-21.68%1,285
August 2020654.0-154.1-19.07%1,632
July 2020808.1+18.8+2.38%1,766
June 2020789.3-334.8-29.79%1,893
May 20201,124.1-158.3-12.34%2,970
April 20201,282.4+690.4+116.64%7,732
March 2020592.0-64.3-9.80%1,525
February 2020656.3-441.0-40.19%1,650
January 20201,097.3+501.3+84.10%5,539
December 2019596.0+361.4+154.09%1,428
November 2019234.6+19.6+9.13%960
October 2019214.9-27.8-11.46%732
September 2019242.8-68.6-22.03%678
August 2019311.4-9.5-2.96%863
July 2019320.8-132.6-29.25%940
June 2019453.5+164.4+56.86%1,773
May 2019289.1-89.0-23.55%907
April 2019378.1-78.9-17.26%1,014
March 2019457.0+58.3+14.63%1,299
February 2019398.7-111.2-21.80%993
January 2019509.9+20.4+4.16%1,438
December 2018489.5-134.3-21.53%1,241
November 2018623.8+266.8+74.74%2,880
October 2018357.0-183.0-33.89%1,005
September 2018539.9-691.9-56.17%1,613
August 20181,231.8+1,231.5+365205.41%3,680

Post Scriptum Live Player count:

373 Player are Currently active on Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum Player Count:

The player count for Post Scriptum has been notably underwhelming, consistently disappointing since its initial release. The game achieved its highest peak player count in April 2020, reaching a mere 7,732 players.

Subsequently, the game’s popularity steadily declined, almost reaching its conclusion. Despite its promising concept and outstanding graphics upon release, the game’s failure turned into a nightmare for its development team.

As of the current status, the Post Scriptum concurrent player count is a mere 373 individuals actively playing Post Scriptum, signaling the apparent demise of the game.

Post Scriptum Official Trailer:

The official trailer of this game was released on YouTube on Aug 9, 2018. The reaction of gamers to its trailer was very encouraging. So much so that many people started comparing this game with Battlefield 5.

Post Scriptum Game Detail:

GamePost Scriptum
Release DateAugust 9, 2018
PublisherOffworld diligence
DeveloperPeriscope Games
ModeMultiplayer video game
GENREAction, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, Strategy
TagsWorld War II, Simulation, FPS, Military, Action
Available PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
Post Scriptum Game Detail

The Rise and Fall of Post Scriptum: Why Did It Decline?

Post Scriptum, a game about World War II, came out on Steam in 2018. People liked it because it tried to be very real and accurate to history.

In the game, teamwork and strategy were important. Players could choose different roles like medic or anti-tank soldier. The goal was to make players feel like they were really in World War II.

Post Scriptum did a great job with realistic stuff like weapons and landscapes. But this also made it hard for new players to get into. Other games like Hell Let Loose did better at balancing realism with fun, so they got more players.

There were rumors in December 2022 that the developers of Post Scriptum got laid off. Since then, the game hasn’t been updated, and the developers haven’t said anything. This made people think the game was over.

Faqs About Post Scriptum

How many people are playing Post Scriptum?

Currently 373 players Are Playing Post Scriptum.

Is Post Scriptum still popular in 2024?

No, Post Scriptum is completely dead.

Where to check Post Scriptum player count?

Visit Steam player count for Post Scriptum concurrent player count live.

Is Post Scriptum available on Steam?

Yes, Post Scriptum is available on Steam.

Is Post Scriptum dead?

Yes, Post Scriptum is completely dead.

Why post scriptum dead?

The rumor of the developers being fired from their jobs in December 2022 and the silence of the developers had indicated that this game has been dead.

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